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Our staff is trained and certified based on industry standards and regulations to operate construction works on any type of ship with the highest sense of responsibility. We leverage on our employees’ expertise to exceed customers’ expectation as well as guarantee efficient works delivery.  Our recruitment process is highly rigorous, which is why only 30% of the applicants are hired to be on our payroll. We present an opportunity for our employees to be self-reliant through continuous training and re-training.

We add value to our customers through our superior services and by influencing positively the intangible factors of our collaboration: the safety of delivering on time and according to specifications, pleasure to work, peace of mind. In other words, our purpose is to capitalize customer satisfaction. Part of this goal is achieved by the fact that interactions with our staff are described by: professionalism, tactfulness, respect and flexibility.

So it’s a real pleasure to work with us!

employee oriented management

Employees are the most valued asset of a company, which is why at Minerva Navis, we place a premium on staff training and re-training. We hire only top-notch professionals who are worth their salt. 

As a result of the expertise and extensive labor of our staff, we have been identified as a leading Romanian Shipbuilding company since our establishment.

Alexandru Parfenti
General Manager
We are proud of the journey that led us here and the people that taught and believed in us, helping us to become the highest ranking shipbuilding company in Romania.
Ștefan Soltanei
Production Manager
Our top class service, customer relations and strong employee morale continue to define and shape everything we do. From our foundations, we continue to increase our technological capabilities and competitiveness, prevailing over the world’s competition
Cristian Fotea
Site Manager
We always prepare the sites before starting the construction work. This includes setting up the site and organizing activities. We plan projects and ensure we meet agreed specifications, budgets and timelines. We are always available for our clients throughout the duration of the projects.
Mădălina Alexe
Business Development Manager
Business development and continuous improvement are the goals that we have set for ourselves, and we are determined to pursue them. We place value on teamwork. Working together to achieve a common goal.
Mădălina Matei
Human Resources Manager
Working in human resources often requires a unique blend of interpersonal skills and strategy. We have many administrative chores and processes that must be followed, but the majority of our job tends to be extremely people-oriented.
Adina Durbală
Financial Manager
Ionela Lazăr
Logistics Manager
We ensure that people move from one place to another efficiently and cost-effectively. Logistics is a key part of our business, working to plan, control, and implement the transportation and accommodation of our employees, in order to successfully complete every new project that we are involved in.
some of our foremen
Ionuț Neagu
Fitter Foreman
Ion Mistrian
Welding Foreman
Gigel Chiroșcă
Welding Team Leader
Iulian Chirică
Fitter Foreman
Ion Ion
Fitter Foreman
Ion Pancrat
Fitter Foreman
Marian Bumbac
Cătălin Avădanei
Daniel Moghilencu
Marian Negură
Fitter Foreman
Nicolae Roșca
Fitter Foreman
Nicu Ghilan
Fitter Foreman
Silviu Munteanu
Tilică Nistor
Welding Foreman
Zaharia Ciobanu
Fitter Foreman