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Our Customers are assured of quality service delivery because we use the latest state of the art equipment to facilitate the completion of job timely. 

Client satisfaction is our priority, our clients trust us to provide top-notch services, that is why they normally come back to us with more projects.

Our clients
Our clients
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the customer gain?

We are placing at the service of our client

the heart of our company: our employees

  • The customer can be assured that the work is performed as specified and in a timely manner. At Minerva Navis, our management is highly trained and experienced.

    This guarantees consistent and professional direction and guidance for all the staff, to make sure the jobs are completed efficiently with a high level of quality.

  • There are an enormous amount of risks in any shipyard environment, so careful planning, safeguards, training and working culture can be used to minimize these risks.

    Our customers can be assured that we implement real, practical safety programs here at Minerva Navis.

  • Ship construction isn’t cheap, and for the money our customers spend, there are expectations in the quality and workmanship.

    Our attention to detail while performing quality work will help keep our customers satisfied and worry-free.

  • Customers want a company that employs experienced and knowledgeable personnel; people who have been there and done that.

    They can rely on Minerva Navis to be efficient when things are going well and quick to resolve when they go off course.

  • Customers do not want to be fooled, they want to see the whole picture in front of them.

    We are transparent in all aspects of our projects from costs, schedules, manpower, restrictions, specialized skills and safety.

    Honesty is the way to build long-term business relationships, and that’s how we do it.

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Our company provides the entire range of services related to the ship's hull and piping system