we build ships

We are a shipbuilding company located along the riverbank of the Danube river and founded in the year 2012 by the duo of Alexandru Parfenti and Bogdan Soltanei, both are Faculty of Naval Architecture graduates, Galati University, Romania.

The company started as a Naval construction passion and have since evolved into a leading shipbuilding company.

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we build ships


We are developing the world on water. Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest level of manufacturing and construction in the shipbuilding industry. In every aspect of our business we bring knowledge, experience and dedication to each and every project.



We believe that the oceans hold immeasurable opportunities. We aim to enable our clients to be successful in their endeavours, raising the standard in sustainability, efficiency and safety. We aspire to be the top ranking shipbuilding company in Europe.



Excellence is our essence: our services, customer relations and employee morale reflect our core values.

  • We offer our clients a trustworthy collaboration, with streamlined cooperation and sublime expertise, receiving the same in return.
  • We invest in our employees by ensuring they have a safe working environment, state-of-the-art tools and expert support, in return they provide us with their skills, talents and proficiency.
  • Minerva Navis is a welcoming place to work and the finest partner to collaborate with; we have the highest employee and client satisfaction in the industry.
We make the impossible possible
Since we came into existence in 2012, Minerva Navis Company has served the Romania shipbuilding market with expertise in hull construction: preassembly of structural elements, volume sections assembly, erection: block sections, block joints, alteration sheets.


  • In November 2022 Minerva Navis has signed a contract with MSVA Marine Services from The Netherlands for new building assembly works and ship repairs.

  • In December 2022 the company signed a contract with Chantiers de l’Atlantique from France for offshore and cruise ship assembly works.


  • In March 2021 the company reached a milestone: 250 employees.

  • The field of activity has diversified: we launch plastic and metal piping works.

  • We resumed our collaboration with our Singapore partner.

  • We executed our most complex works to date, with the upmost quality, adhering to all the clients specific queries and requests.


  • 2020 marked an extraordinary start for Minerva Navis, with a wide array of complex projects and excellent results. Unfortunately, the pandemic brought about the withdrawal of our overseas employees.

  • Activity continued in Romania with VARD Tulcea SA. The industry is suffering and in steep decline, but despite all odds our company grew an astonishing 70% compared to 2019 thanks to our efficient and dedicated management team.

  • Substantial investments were made in tools, welding equipment and transportation.

  • Quality management systems were implemented according to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 standards with TUV Austria.

  • We attained the highest ranking of VARD Tulcea collaborators, with the most tonnes processed per month.


  • The company signs the first overseas collaboration with ICF International PTE LTD, Singapore, on a major hot works cruise ship project in Germany.

  • In the same year we signed a collaboration for hull works and detensioning with MW Werften Wismar, Germany.

  • Minerva Navis enters into the European market, still maintaining the vision to be number one.

  • Once again, the employee count doubles in volume


  • The company continues to excel and exceed expectations, attracting highly trained individuals and successfully completes complex hull works on offshore vessels and cruise ships.

  • Minerva Navis receives mass recognition from customers and competitors as a leading company in the field.


  • Minerva Navis hires renowned hull work specialists, raising the bar in quality and provision.

  • The management team encompass customer and employee oriented values. The company branding nears completion, prototype ship builds are completed with astonishing results.


  • The company signs a long-term collaboration with VARD Tulcea SA, Romania for construction works on the hull.

  • We were invited to collaborate on the reopening of the site after a short hiatus.

  • We massively diversified the works on the hull with our impeccable assembly and prefabrication.


  • Minerva Navis signs two new collaborations, with DAMEN Galati and DMHI Mangalia from Romania, for construction works on the hull.

  • The company gains recognition within the Romanian market, actively involved in 3 of the 5 main shipyards.

  • To raise our national ranking, we focused on improving and excelling in customer orientation, quality, speed and costing.

  • During 2015, we gained high notoriety with our intricate and complex projects.


  • A strong and memorable brand identity was required

  • After carefully discussing and analysing our bespoke solutions and key ideas, we chose two main archetypes to represent the brand - The Sage & Hero. Our goals are spearheaded by science.

  • The employee count doubles in volume. We designated assembly works for volume sections with unprecedented success.


  • Minerva Navis are now leaps ahead in the world of business, showcasing high performance management with outstanding results.

  • The employee count doubles in volume. Through sheer will and determination, the Minerva Navis team clearly outperforms all other companies with their high quality production and delivery time.


  • High profile architects Alexandru Parfenti and Bogdan Soltanei forge the Minerva Navis Company.

  • Very first collaboration with the STX OSV Tulcea shipyard in Romania, assembling volume sections against the odds with only twelve employees.

  • We set out with a solid vision: to be the highest ranking shipbuilding company in Romania.

We treat our client’s project as their investment and assets that is why we are committed to delivering on promises with agility as well as quality service and customer sensitivity in line with global best practices.

tailor-made solutions

Our Customers are assured of quality service delivery because we use the latest state of the art equipment to facilitate the completion of job timely. Client satisfaction is our priority, our clients trust us to provide top-notch services and that is why they most frequently come back to us for more services.

high-standard services

We parade the best workforce in the field to enhance our operations thereby delivering high-quality ships to address the complexity of your ever-increasing requirements. Our team is also tech-savvy and ICT compliant to operate in line with global best practices.

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Our company provides the entire range of services related to the ship's hull and piping system