N 6313 - Cruise ship
Project completed by Minerva Navis: Assembly of the thruster tunnel section
N 6313 - Cruise ship
N 6313 - Cruise ship

The thruster tunnel helps the 360 degree maneuver of the ship.

This propulsion system is in the bow of the ship and helps with better maneuverability. The system facilitates docking, because ity allows the captain to turn the ship to port or starboard without using the main propulsion mechanism.



The biggest challenge was when connecting the 67 ton section with the 47 ton thruster tunnel, so that at the end there would be a flatness deviation of ±1 mm.

The complexity of the section is given by the thickness of the plates, plus the intersections between the longitudinal and transversal sections.

For this work, we had 80 lm of US controlled welding and 100 lm of controlled welding with penetrating liquids and magnetic powder.


Minerva Navis successfully completed this job, at the deadline required by the shipyard and at a superior quality. The client accepted the work from the first visit, without observations.

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