Minerva Navis: the spectacular installation of Exotic Pipes!
N6301 – Cruise ship
Minerva Navis: the spectacular installation of Exotic Pipes!
Minerva Navis: the spectacular installation of Exotic Pipes!

Minerva Navis is taking a big step towards the future of naval installations. The future belongs to revolutionary materials - stronger, lighter, and extremely efficient in assembly.

Today, we immortalized the efforts of our colleagues, who focused on fitting exotic pipes on a grand cruise ship. Their skill and dedication in assembling these vital components is reflected in each photo.

Our installations are the heart of the ship, turning every cruise into a comfortable and safe adventure for passengers eager to explore.



The installation process is a true art of precision, where every pipe joint is done with enviable craftsmanship. Our team, equipped with patience and meticulous attention, faces the challenge of working in tight spaces, often bordering on the impossible. Each step is a fine dance between rigorous adherence to standards and adaptation to limited spaces, turning each montage into a technical masterpiece.


The quality within these installations is measured by four essential criteria:

- Impeccable visual appearance;

- Absence of vibrations;

- Compliance with technical specifications;

- Absence of counter slopes;

- Resistance to pressure test.


At Minerva Navis, we deliver perfect installations right from the first inspection, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. We are masters in high-quality technical deliveries and perfect tightness at high pressures, where we do not lose a drop of liquid.

Our constant aim is to deliver ahead of schedule, delivering exceptional work every time.

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