Minerva Navis and green energy
Active contribution
Minerva Navis and green energy
Minerva Navis and green energy

Imagine a world where the wind doesn't just blow, it powers our cities, communities and hearts. At Minerva Navis, we don't just dream of this future, we build it!

We support the global ambition of zero emissions by 2050, actively contributing by building offshore structures for offshore wind farms for our client Chantiers de l'Atlantique in France.

Our offshore structures are more than just buildings: each one provides green energy for 800,000 people. Minerva Navis, carried out prefabrication, assembly and mounting with special attention to quality, the requirements for these platforms being extremely high. They must withstand the forces of the sea and vibrations, which requires top quality materials and welds.



Requirements for impeccable welding. Every weld has been executed and checked with the utmost attention, because the resistance depends on it. With 50% of welds controlled by U.T. and with large extensions to the smallest defect found, we left no room for error.

Execution of the construction without affecting the sheet metal field. Special metal plates of the highest quality were used. The surfaces were prepared with the greatest care and for large thicknesses, over 30 mm, preheating was done. The use of the hammer was prohibited. The sheet metal fields were tested with M.T..


We proudly delegated an elite team for these operations, who not only delivered brilliantly, but were also appreciated, receiving direct praise from the client. Coordination was masterfully orchestrated by our seconded engineer and foremen.

Our welders shined, exceeding expectations with a formidable 97% pass rate in welding tests. And our fitters, masters of precision, have perfectly combined quality with speed, consolidating the reputation of excellence we have in the field.

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